Duration – 2 days

Course objectives: Participants will be able to structure and deliver an effective presentation with confidence

Programme :

  • Defining the objectives and the content
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Designing and using slides with impact
  • Presenting information clearly
  • Persuading / informing / federating
  • Retaining audience attention
  • Positive body language and gestures
  • Expressing yourself clearly to an audience
  • Managing questions effectively

Related skills :

  • Adapting materials to different levels of understanding
  • Presenting in a meeting setting, to small or large groups
  • Use of media and structure
  • Planning a Presentation for maximum impact
  • Coping with Nerves
  • Saying you don’t know without losing face
  • Getting ideas across in a stimulating way
  • Using voice control (tone, pauses, volume, intonation)
  • Taking into account audience background and culture
  • Ending positively

Prerequisites :A good working knowledge of English.

[wp_cart:Effective Presentation Skills:price:850.00:end]

What you receive:

  • Complete package for running 2 day “Effective Presentation Skills” seminars
  • 100+ slide powerpoint training slides
  • Video clips
  • Printable trainees handbooks
  • Full trainer handbook with step-by-step instructions for running the course
  • Activities and ice-breakers
  • Self-evaluation sheets for trainees
  • Video guide
  • Training activity handouts
  • Pricing policy for your training seminars
  • Printable trainees feedback for trainer sheets
  • Marketing materials for your courses
  • Licence to use the package for one trainer
  • E-mail support to help you run great seminars

All of this for the one-time price of 850€ – less than the price of 1 day of the seminar!

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