“Feedback – What’s in it For Me?” was about the motivation to give feedback.

But where should you start?

The six thinking hats from De Bono offers a very good start.

If you are not familiar with these hats, this article offers a very short introduction:

White feedback.

White feedback is very simple, but very difficult to use. You are one of the members observing a presentation and you have no clue about the content, then a white question could very much help. Probably many others have the same thought, but do not want to disturb. “Could you tell me what is .. exactly, I didn’t understand this …”

Red feedback.

This is not too difficult if you just think about your (gut) feeling or intuition. “I do not know why, but I do not agree,” could be a red feedback. Also possible is something like, ” I don’t like the idea.” You do not have to give a reason. It’s just feedback and hopefully the receiver will understand that this is a red feedback. Do not take this personal.

Black feedback.

This is what I am very good at. “There are at least five flaws in this presentation: one, the numbers do not add up. Two, there is no theoretical basis. Three …”

Yellow feedback.

This requires a bit more energy. All of a sudden you have to think. But you need to do this. Not only to improve or expand your communication style (pallet), but also because “to save” or improve the relation.

Green feedback.

“Very interesting this presentation, as for topic three I would suggest that you change this to …” A green feedback is about suggestions for improvements and other comments that could be a bit out of the normal frame of the topic. There is no “blue” in giving feedback other than thinking about what topic to start with. Never start with “black” could be one.

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Author: Hans Bool

Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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