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A unique mixed learning approach

A high-level and coherent educational program for professionals who must use the telephone in a professional context in French for beginners and advanced learners.

Telephone training

30-minute role-playing phone games based on professional situations help you manage difficult everyday and technical situations on the phone.

Each role play is planned in advance and is preceded and followed by e-mails from the learner in French.

Complete training manual

You receive a comprehensive training manual with exercises, role plays by telephone and email, as well as the best advice to improve your phone and email management in a professional context in French.


Online complimentary learning modules based on the language of phone calls, including: Leaving messages, taking messages, managing conflicts, giving and asking for details, ‘escalation of problems’ and call backs …

Professional Emails

Professional e-mails written as follow-ups, before and after each telephone training session.

We work on accuracy and the register so you can write emails that get a positive response.

Custom advice

We help you improve the aspects of speaking, listening, reading and writing with regard to phone calls and writing e-mails.

We help you define and achieve realistic learning goals.

Face to face training

To complete a training program of the highest quality, we offer 3 x 4 hour training sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the training.

Each session is built around the needs of each learner.

How does it work?

Our process is as simple as possible and can be funded through your CPF as we are a DataDock certified training organization.


After completing the Quote form, we will send you your quote. Once the quote is signed, we will send you a training agreement and the invoice for your program to your training department.


You receive your training manual for the program

You receive your username and password for the online learning platform, which you are free to use as much as you want before the end of your training module.


Plan your training program

Plan your telephone training as well as your face-to-face sessions with your trainer. Your trainer will guide you through the manuals, the role plays and email tracking.

Customized services for all types of companies

We build a custom program for each company and adapt the level of the program to each learner – it is a fully personalized program.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We have an excellent record of customer satisfaction, acquired over the course of 25 years in business.

20 Hours of telephone training

40 telephone session of 30 minutes each

12 Hours of face-to-face training

3 x 4 hour sessions at the start - middle and end of a module.

30 Hours of E-Learning

30 hours of E-Learning Modules



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