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As we’re always excited to add people to our Learning Community, we thought we’d share our excitement with you by asking our latest members to share a little information about themselves and their journey with SoPro. So, sit back, grab a coffee and get to know some of our members who you will have an opportunity to work with when you join SoPro.

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Feel empowered to — and make the effort to — participate... FULLY! Trust that other learners and your Community Manager care about what you have to say. Be willing to be vulnerable and open in discussions, because that’s how learning happens. Know what you need to learn, to succeed. Allow yourself to make mistakes. And remember that learning can be uncomfortable.


Talk to people in the Learning Community that you don’t know and try to support other learners. That means sometimes just taking the time to introduce yourself to a learner on SoPro you don’t know who so that you can make connections. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions and don’t disparage other people for asking their questions.


"Learning communities give you a solid base of friends and learning partners, which makes homework and studying easier." "SoPro provides a sort of safety net which you would not otherwise have. It's very nice to be familiar with learners because of regular interaction." "[SoPro helps by making things more interesting and perhaps easier."


"It is a great way to meet people and feel connected as a part of SoPro, Social Learning Community. I feel like I learned a lot about myself here." "You get to meet people from all over the world, interact with and experience new cultures, and have a lot of fun!" "Oh, and my English is much better now, too!"

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This is a great place to improve your English learning. You can communicate with others, improve listening, reading, writing, and why not, speaking skills. But you know what they say, you don't get something for nothing. YES, the site is FREE, but if you want to get the most out of it, then don't just sit back and lurk - get active! Make connections, share stuff, ask questions, connect, communicate and learn!