Corporate Strategic Communication

Friday, Dec 6, 2019
– Saturday, Dec 7, 2019

8:45am – 6:00pm


After attending this 2 day (or 3-day course) participants will be able to structure and deliver an excellent, effective presentation with increased confidence.

The course explores techniques for:

  • Structuring a presentation
  • Adapting materials to different levels of understanding
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Presenting in a meeting setting
  • Presenting to small or large groups
  • Use of media & structure
  • Saying you don’t know without losing face
  • Being able to say what you do know
  • Managing questions and hostility
  • Treating questions as opportunities
  • Retaining audience attention
  • Getting ideas across in a stimulating way
  • Using voice control (Tone, pauses, volume, intonation)
  • Controlling body language, gestures & nervous energy


A good working knowledge of English.


This first module is open for all staff that need to take a first step towards presentation skills

even if they have never experienced presentation skills in English. 

Staff who have, or will be taking on responsibilities or posts that require them to present

information in front of others.


2 days (14 hours) + 1 day (optional)  (7 hours) after 3 months presentation practice in the workplace

DAY 1 


  • Coping with Nerves – Techniques for calming and avoiding panic
  • Relaxation – Techniques to relax before the presentation
  • Breathing – Exercises to increase vocal quality and diminish stress
  • Ice-Breaker Presentation
  • Break
  • 2nd Presentation (5 minutes)
  • The different channels of communication
  • Posture – Giving positive messages through Para-verbal channels
  • Body Language – ensuring the verbal matches the Para-verbal
  • Adapting to different cultures
  • Lunch


  • Voice Production – Activities on voice quality
  • Structuring a Presentation – Getting the framework together
  • Opening your Presentation – Starting as you mean to go on
  • Break
  • Main Body of the Presentation – Revisit the reasons for presenting
  • Ending the Presentation – Ending positively
  • Visual Aids – Why / why not use visuals & how to exploit them
  • Handling Questions – Managing questions & saying you don’t know



  • Getting the presentation together
  • Using the Presentation Planning Module
  • 3rd presentation
  • Break
  • Understanding your audience & yourself
  • Using self-evaluation feedback
  • Lunch


  • Communicating a message with impact
  • Presenting in action (4th Presentation)
  • Effective planning of a presentation
  • Advanced slide creation
  • Getting to the point
  • Managing Intercultural issues
  • Feeding back & lessons learnt
  • Summary & Feedback of the course

DAY 3 – OPTIONAL –  (after approximately 3 months)

  • Revisiting the important points
  • Putting things in order
  • Visual aid redesign
  • Handling difficult questions and difficult audiences
  • Managing group presentations
  • ‘How far have I advanced ?’
  • Action planning for the ‘from now on .. ‘

Event Location

A hotel in Toulouse

Event Fees

EUR 580.00


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