Priorities Management

Because nobody can manage time

Who needs this training?

Time is one of our most valuable resources and everyone has the same amount of time per day to achieve their goals, but we do not always manage it as effectively as we could. 

In  fact, time cannot be managed, but we can learn to manage ourselves and our priorities.

So who needs this training?

In a word – Everyone!

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Stress kills, communication saves

Successful people plan and prioritise their day with goals and objectives, not having a plan can lead to a stressful working environment and stress is the N° 1 enemy of productivity.

A key aspect of managing priorities are influencing and communication skills to get support to achieve your goals, which are some of the most valuable soft skills in a professional’s toolkit.

Overall objectives

This training will raise awareness about general perspectives about time and priorities, identifying the issues that are most central in work life and learn how to manage by setting clear priorities.

Learning objectives :

  • Urgency vs importance

  • What and who steals our time

  • Leverage circles

  • Assertive Communication skills

  • Written & spoken communication

  • Planning goals & reducing interruptions

  • Triple ‘R’ organisation

  • Managing stress

  • Managing others

  • Running effective meetings

  • Managing eMail

  • Building constructive relationships

Training methods

ALSo Priority Management training involves a high level of learner participation facilitated by the trainer using a range of proven learning methods.

This includes individual and group exercises/role-plays/serious games to reinforce key messages, self-evaluation via filming and group and individual reflection/feedback.

The training is fun, engaging and empowering. The goal is to improve professional practice, problem solving and project leading, working more cooperatively and develop cross functionality in teams.

Program – Managing priorities and stress at work

Session 1

Manage you & your day

Manage your day

  • Where does time go?

  • Setting goals – why?

  • Setting SMART Objectives

  • Planning and Scheduling your day

  • Setting Priorities

  • Where does your time go?

  • Criteria for Prioritizing using the Eisenhower window

  • Uptime & downtime – When are you at your best? 


Session 2

Priority Management

Priority Management

  • What stops you from managing priorities?

  • Who steals your time?

  • Managing time thiefs

  • Time Pareto

  • Dealing with Interruptions / Distractions

  • Understanding Behavior Types

  • Assertive communicator

  • Self-esteem traps.

  • Managing your hierarchy 

  • Using NLP to understand people

Session 3

Effective Meetings

Effective meetings

and delegation
  • How much does a meeting cost?

  • Meeting Preparation – The very best tools.

  • Managing meetings – roles / invitations / documents

  • Tips and Techniques for Effective Meetings

  • What is Effective Delegation?

  • How to Delegate Successfully

  • How do people learn?

  • Giving and taking constructive feedback


Session 4

Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress

  • Stress is good !

  • Anxiety Vs stress

  • What Contributes to brown-out and burn-out?

  • The Impact of anxiety  – the Positive and Negative Effects of Stress

  • The Signs of bad Stress in ourselves and others

  • Techniques for Managing anxiety

  • Conflict Management – causes of anxiety

  • Maintaining work / life balance

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