Duration – 1 day

Course Objectives

What is NLP?

Setting Your Goals

Pre-suppositions of NLP

Four Key Principles of NLP

Building Rapport

Tuning in to your Senses

Communicating with NLP

Empathetic communication

Action Planning using NLP

After participating in this course, learners will be able to:

Understand how NLP can help in interpersonal communication in the workplace.

Prerequisites :A good working knowledge of English.

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What you receive:

  • Complete package for running 1 day “Practical NLP – Being Effective in The Workplace” seminars
  • Powerpoint training slides
  • Printable trainees handbooks
  • Full trainer handbook with step-by-step instructions for running the course
  • Activities and ice-breakers
  • Self-evaluation sheets for trainees
  • Training activity handouts
  • Pricing policy for your training seminars
  • Printable trainees feedback for trainer sheets
  • Marketing materials for your courses
  • Licence to use the package for one trainer
  • E-mail support to help you run great seminars

All of this for the one-time price of 350€ !

As soon as your payment is received through Paypal, we will send you the complete package – within one working day.

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