Duration – 2 days

Course Objectives



This is a highly interactive course with a good balance of theory and practical negotiating using the techniques learnt during the seminar and includes the following:

What is negotiation?

What do you negotiate?

What is negotiable?

Styles of Negotiation

Negotiation Strategy and preparation

Negotiation Structure

Ploys and Dirty Tricks

Competitive Negotiations

Programme :

The foundations of negotiations

Increase your negotiation effectiveness

Effective negotiation skills

Managing difficult negotiations

Produce a negotiating action plan

Prerequisites :A good working knowledge of English.

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What you receive:

  • Complete package for running 2 day “Negotiating Skills” seminars
  • Powerpoint training slides
  • Printable trainees handbooks
  • Full trainer handbook with step-by-step instructions for running the course
  • Activities and ice-breakers
  • Self-evaluation sheets for trainees
  • Training activity handouts
  • Pricing policy for your training seminars
  • Printable trainees feedback for trainer sheets
  • Marketing materials for your courses
  • Licence to use the package for one trainer
  • E-mail support to help you run great seminars

All of this for the one-time price of 550€ !

As soon as your payment is received through Paypal, we will send you the complete package – within one working day.

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