The perfect plan for any project, whether it be starting a business or writing a book, is mind mapping. (A unique technique of organizing your mind on a specific topic on paper.)

In the back of your mind you already have a vague map on a specific topic or plan and mind mapping just helps you bring it to light so you can see and understand what has to be done to execute a plan in the proper order.

A mind map is a diagram that is use to arrange or organize a plan or project that is in your mind. This is similar to note taking only better.

In 1970 Tony Buzan developed mind mapping, an ingenious technique of organizing a project that is in your mind by starting with a central keyword or concept and expand all your ideas and thoughts from it.

Memory lapse is a common problem when starting a new project.

The mind remembers keywords and images not sentences and all ideas can have hundreds of links.

Mind mapping allows all associated links to be visually seen making it easier to recall related topics.Mind maps are easy to review and instantly reflect a visual overview of the project.

Maps and illustrations have always been an effective way for teaching but mind mapping is a way of learning and benefiting from your own knowledge.

Studies show the subconscious mind will remember everything of a project but not necessarily in the right order.

Mind mapping gives you the capabilities of listing details and related details to accurately complete a project in the right order.

Mind mapping involves circling and writing down in the center of a paper, a keyword of a topic or idea and thinking up related ideas, which will branch out (with a line from the center keyword) to a related topic or phrase.

If my main idea or concept were “Online Business” a related topic would be “Affiliates”. Other related topics would be “Press Release”, “Forums”, “Blogging” “Social Networking” “Book Marking” “Hosting” “Articles” and so on.

Circle each of these “related words” and branch out with a line connecting from the main “idea” word or phrase to the related topic or phrase.

When the related topic words are completed you can then have sub-related topics from your related topic word.

Now you must organize your related topics by numbering them (not by importance) in the order of which you would do them.

When ever you are planning a project whether it be a speech, writing an article, starting a business, planning a holiday, mind mapping helps you get all the relevant information down in one place and easily organized for a successful project.

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Author: June Hollister

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  1. Andrew Wilcox

    You are absolutely right. I use MindManager to plan all my projects in this way.

  2. Daniel

    Mindomo is one of the best tools to do this :)


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