It is a known fact that stress affects our bodies and our bodies affect our minds. This idea of a mind and body relationship is easily understood when we realize that emotional and physical stress affects the health of the body. If left unattended or untreated, stress can have a detrimental effect on all areas of our bodies; mentally, emotionally and physically.StressToo much stress causes emotional breakdowns, illnesses and even premature death.Stress also contributes to high blood pressure, overweight, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar in diseases such as diabetes. Modern science proves stress affects the body, causing physical tension leading to headaches, fatigue and even depression.Even at the molecular level, researchers are finding direct links between stress and disease.Chronic StressThis is the never ending grinding of stress that wears people away, day after day, year after year. It is the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures that continue for unlimited amounts of time. Chronic stress destroys bodies, minds and lives.The worst scenario of chronic stress is that people get used to it. People are sometimes aware of a new stress, but they ignore the chronic stress because it has been going on for such a long time, that they have become accustomed to it and have sometimes accepted it as being a part of their lives.Chronic stress can and does kill through suicide, violence, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Bear in mind, that some stress in life is a normal thing. It’s natures way of keeping us on our toes. The problem of stress comes about when we have to much of it in our daily lives. Even performing trivial activities that you hate can substantially increase the amount of stress that you may be under.After years of chronic stress with the wear and tear on your cardiovascular system, a heart attack or stroke becomes a very real possibility.Scientific evidence has shown us that there is a definite link between mental and physical stress and how it relates to our healthy, or unhealthy lifestyle. A recent study of 30,000 heart patients demonstrated that stress was responsible for about one third of the associated heart attacks.The emotional reaction to stress, such as depression, anxiety, anger and hopelessness, takes it’s toll on our health. The conventional medicine, currently at our disposal, doesn’t offer a great deal of relief for many people suffering from stress and most drugs that used to relieve depression, anxiety and insomnia, all possessed harmful side effects to one degree or another. Some of these medications are also known to of caused permanent brain damage.When the human body accumulates too much stress, all of the major systems will eventually break down. It is the heart and our health in general that suffers the most. Again, the idea of a mind and body relationship is better understood when we realize how both emotional and physical stresses affect the health of the body. Modern science proves beyond a doubt that stress affects the body, causing physical tension that can lead to soreness, headaches, fatigue and even depression.It is well documented also that stress can cause a drop of neurotransmitter levels during daily activity and further research shows that stress affects the optimal brain function. This stress induced, neurotransmitter depletion, affects every person in our stress filled society. As chronic stress continues to affect the body through this responsive stress, the potential link between stress and infertility, memory loss, osteoporosis and disease in general becomes apparent.ConclusionThe real key to eliminating stress is to identify the source(s) that is causing it. With the aid of a technique or program that you have decided is the most comfortable and the best one suited for your own personal needs and lifestyle, you can begin eliminating your stress immediately.All the while during this reducing and eliminating process, it is important to keep in mind, that all stress is treatable.While all sufferers can benefit greatly from the use of stress management techniques to reduce their stress responses, the true objective is to resolve all stresses permanently and completely.In today’s frantic and fast paced world, we are under more stress than ever before. Interesting to note also, is that all of our actions and reactions that we respond to, are in fact, brought about from stress.Decide which stress, or the combination of stresses, that are affecting you and then do whatever it takes to manage your stress, so that you may begin taking better care of yourself and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.Author: Amy GordonArticle Source:

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