I’m just starting a small (or big, who knows) project that I would love you to take part in.

Basically, I have some ideas how Twitter could be used for business and for learning – but those are my ideas alone and I am surely missing lots here.

Here is where you come in, dear friend…

Please send your ideas – as many as you like, concerning, HOW Twitter can be used in business, communication, Learning, Management, Sales, HR in fact any business setting.

Please put the hastag #TwitBusiness before your message – they will appear in posts in this category.

I would like to be able to compile a book from the tweets that will provide a useful pool of ideas for those considering using Twitter in a business setting.

I would also like to present this during a presentation that I will be doing with a National French group of Purchasing directors on 25 May 2011.

Thank you so much for your help and participation.


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    I will be using #TwitBusiness, and will let you know if I’ve got any ideas that could help you

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    RT @combi31: @_ndf @BobTSUC @tboyle83 Please Join the project http://bit.ly/feysLo use the hashtag #Twitbusiness Please RT #project #Twitbusiness


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