Managing an Intercultural Team

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Managing an Intercultural Team

There is nothing like a multicultural team when it works well and there is nothing as bad as a multicultural team that is dysfunctional.

Most problems arise from a lack of understanding of culture and how others tick – we can help you to learn to work effectively in and for a multicultural team, be it offshoring in India, or working in France or the UK.

We have over 30 years experience of helping multicultural teams work effectively together.

Many organisations are aware of the added value of culturally diverse teams.

If you lead a multicultural team in an international environment you may need different insights and skills as a manager to lead the team.

You the best way to deal with different cultures in your workplace,  dealing with hierarchy and authority – as in intercultural contexts they may be very different to what we are used to in our own culture.

After this training you will be aware of the challenges related to intercultural teams and will be better equipped to lead them succesfully.

This is an interactive training workshop  in which cultural theories and perspectives are explained and tested through thought-provoking activities.

Feedback is given throughout the activities in order to be a base for yours and your team’s reflections and you will work on your personal awareness and insights related to leading an intercultural team.

The key themes we work on are : Perceptions, Communication, Trust, Values, building a workplace atmosphere where people want to work together, direction setting, team roles, teamwork and setting team ground rules for a team that works effectively together.


We can help with the before, during and after of team cohesion to ensure that your team works and is led effectively.

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